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What up Cuhz?!

What up Blood?!

We all Black.

I love us.

30 Day Teen Titans Challenge

Day 3: What are your thoughts on Starfire and Robin?; RobStar

"My thoughts on this pairing is a lot of respect. Robin didn’t look at Starfire as a stranger from another planet when he saw her and he helped her instead. Starfire trusted Robin since day one because she realized he didn’t leave her alone even when she asked him to not get involved, he saved her.

I think they’re a strong couple because they never doubted one another and they always fought for each other. And the chemistry was there since the beginning.”




Country of Origin: Japan

Training: Self-taught

Notable Works: Dr. Slump (1980), Dragonball (1984), Dragon Quest (1986), Chrono Trigger (1995)

Akira Toriyama is one Japan’s most beloved manga creators. After stints in advertising and motorcycle repair, he entered the serialized manga scene with his first story about a super-strong girl robot in Dr. Slump. However, it wouldn’t be until 1984 when his most world-renown creation, Dragonball, would scream onto the stage to instant popularity. The massive series ran for 11 years and became one of the world’s most popular manga and anime series of all time. He would also find acclaim designing characters for video games, most notably RPGs Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger. 


When you realize that someone is only being nice to you because they want something



When you’re almost dead in a game but somehow you managed to survive until the next level




"As long as I am breathing, it's not over."

this scene stuck with me